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Buy IELP certificates online

ntensive English Language Program at Fresno Pacific University in USA. Get all school and Program information in 1 click here!

Do you want to study and learn English in an American University or Buy IELP certificates online?

Buy IELP certificates online: The University of Findlay‘s accredited Intensive English Language Program (IELP) certificate program┬áprides itself in building students’ English skills.

The IELP program is designed to:

  • Increase English proficiency
  • Assist with adjusting to life in the United States
  • Facilitate academic success

Program Options and where to Buy IELP certificates online:

Buy IELP certificates online

  • 8-week long summer session with activities designed to help you explore the state of Ohio and fully immerse yourself in the American culture. Cost: $4,392 (additional fees apply)
  • 16-week long fall or spring semester session that gives you more time to advance your English proficiency, experience American culture and make connections with other students, both from the United States and the 40+ other countries represented on campus. Cost: $5,300 (additional fees apply)

Buy IELP certificates online: Our certificate program is unique and services a diverse student body. Our faculty will prepare you with the necessary English skills and study strategies to be successful in your undergraduate and graduate courses. Special courses for both areas are offered each semester to prepare you for your respective area of study.

The mission of the Intensive English Language Program is to offer innovative programs to international students.

Diploma in english and how to Buy IELP certificates online

  • Reintroduction to the English Language

    Buy IELP certificates online: This first lesson will introduce the English diploma and outline the course objectives and content. You will be reintroduced to the basics of the English language, which will prepare you for the lessons to come. You will also practice sounding polite in your spoken English.

  • Talking About Now

    Next we will help you master the present tenses and instruct you how to talk about your work routine, your weekend, and what you are doing now. You will also explore the different types of verbs and how we can change the focus of a sentence with the passive voice.

  • What Happened in the Past and where can i Buy IELP certificates online?

    In lesson 3, we will further develop your knowledge of the tenses by looking at how we talk about the past. You will also learn how to regulate your speech, by making an opinion stronger or softening negative comments. Moreover, we will explore relative clauses and learn vocabulary for different times and places.

  • Amazing Descriptions!

    Buy IELP certificates online: This lesson will further develop your descriptive language with a look at the different forms of adjectives and how we use them. You will learn how to make comparisons and even talk about limits and restrictions. We will also have an in-depth look at the difficult world of adverbs to improve your fluency when speaking.


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